“Workforce management is the single most important system you need to effectively manage your contact center!”
Penny Reynolds

The Call Center School

Over the past 10 years, both organizations and contact centers have started realizing that Workforce Management (WFM) has become one of the most important business units in the organization and should be considered the heart of the contact center.

The modern contact center involves far more than just answering customers. WFM can support strategic initiatives that transform the contact center from its traditional role to a leading value producer and even increase the ROI (Return On Investment).

WFM can deliver operational efficiencies, helping the contact center reduce labor costs and administrative workload, while managing operating costs and increasing agent retention.

In the contact center, every minute counts. Labor represents more than two-thirds of the total operating cost. Comprehensive WFM provides critical capabilities to achieve operational efficiencies in the following ways:

  • Optimizing the use of each agent
  • Preserving customer value
  • Reducing operating expenses.

These proven strategies can lead both to reduced contact center expenses and greater revenue generation.

At Stream Corp, we believe that a crucial element of success in contact centers is the ability to organize and respond quickly to key customer demands, rather than simply focusing on the internal, operational metrics of the past. The key to contact center success is the ability to ask hard questions and not cringe at the answers.

Stream Corp can create value for the contact center organization by implementing the WFM solution or optimizing the existing WFM infrastructure, which usually causes significant drain on the operation if not managed efficiently.

WFM puts the right people in the right place at the right time to address the customer inquiries crucial to the success of your business and increases Agent Satisfaction through empowerment and fairness.

The biggest disconnect comes in those organizations which only look at the data they are bringing in internally, and try to second-guess what customers are thinking. The most difficult question to answer is: Are we really doing a good job?