About Us

Stream Corp has over a decade of proven experience providing WFM consultancy and support for contact centers worldwide.

Working with many different levels and types of contact centers, Stream Corp regularly helps clients improve operational efficiency by saving money, running operations more efficiently and increasing customer satisfaction.

Stream Corp has been implementing WFM solutions for many customers around the world. With a broad knowledge base of the culture and language in question, we can serve our customers even better.

As a part of the WFM community, Stream’s vision is to help contact centers meet and exceed their goals and expectations, giving them a better choice in terms of the WFM solutions.

Whether you are a telecom operator, financial sector company, BPO, Airline Company, or a small-large contact center, we strongly believe that you would benefit from working smarter, not harder, saving, not spending, and ultimately increasing your ROI as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Stream Corp understands that many contact centers are still using Excel sheets for their forecasting and scheduling. We know how difficult the transition can be, so we are willing to work closely with you to take your operation to the next level. This will ensure a smooth and successful shift from Excel based scheduling to WFM system scheduling.


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 From the drawing board of the project and throughout all levels of the WFM implementation to the completion of the project, Stream will be side by side, not only sharing the WFM knowledge, but also providing cost effective solutions.