productStream Corp is proud to be the MEA –Middle East, Africa- and Canada partner for Pipkins WFM systems.

Since 1983, Pipkins Inc, -The oldest commercial WFM solution- , is the leading supplier of WFM software and services to the contact center industry.

For over three decades, Pipkins has created and delivered superior WFM products for call centers of all sizes with thirteen industry-first applications.
More than 500 locations around the world managing more that 700,000 agents depend on Pipkins’ products for their workforce forecasting, scheduling and real time management needs.

Whether you have 30,000 agents or just 30, Pipkins WFM solution provides the flexibility and advanced technology you need to efficiently manage your contact center.

Based on the DMG consulting firm, Pipkins is the customer support and client satisfaction that was awarded top scores among other WFM vendors.

Pipkins is perhaps the most concrete, accurate and reliable WFM solution in the marketplace today.

pip1In fact, 80% of Pipkins’ customers are replacements of the other WFM solutions, which clearly indicates that Pipkins is a superior choice for your WFM solution.

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